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Postal Code, ZIP Code of Morocco.


Coding method

Postal codes in Morocco consist of five digits, which indicate the wider area (first 2 digits), and the postal district (last 3 digits). The present system was introduced on January 1, 1997.

Address format

Home delivery :

MR SAMIR ALLOUANI ------name of addressee
APARTMENT N° 13 ------apartment number
ENTRANCE C IMMEUBLE ANNADA ------entrance, building
23 BOULEVARD TAROUDANT ------street name and number
52000 ERRACHIDIA ------postcode and locality
MOROCCO ------country name

P .O box delivery :

MR MOHAMMED IBRAHIM ------name of addressee
P.O 1737 ------P :O box
KHOURIBGA PRINCIPALE ------“Poste Maroc” agency
25005 KHOURIBGA ------postcode and locality
MOROCCO ------country name

General delivery address :

MRS LAMYAE EL BOUT ------name of addressee
GENERAL DELIVERY ------general delivery
AGENCY RABAT TOUR HASSAN ------“Poste Maroc” agency
10005 RABAT ------postcode and locality
MOROCCO ------country name

List of postal codes in Morocco

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