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Postal Code, ZIP Code of Saudi Arabia.


Coding method

Saudi Arabia uses two postcode systems for:

  • Home delivery as described in the first position.
  • P.O. Box delivery as described in the second position.

Coding method for home Delivery

5 digits to the right of the locality followed by 4 digits giving additional building information, separated by a

1 2 2 3 3 - 7318

The first digit represents the postal region,the second digit represents the sector,the third digit represents the branch,the fourth digit represents the section,the fifth digit represents the block,and the last four digits represent the extended zip code.

Coding method for PO Box delivery

5 digits to the right of the

1 1 5 6 4

The first two digits represent the postal zone,the last three digits represent the delivery point.

Address format

PO Box delivery:

Mr. Ibrahim Mohamad
P.O. Box 56577
RIYADH 11564

Home Delivery:

Mr. Abdullah Nasser
3909 Abdullhamid Alkatib ST, Azahrah Dist.
RIYADH 12987 - 7318

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