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This is the Bhutan Post Code page. This page includes the following content: Code Method, Envelope Example and Address Format, the way of writing the postal code correctly, reference link for postcode inquiries.


Envelope Example

Bhutan Envelope.jpg

Coding Method

The Bhutan's postal code consists of five-digit number, and there is no separating character, eg:


The first digit represents postal region, the second digit represents district, the third digit represents sub district, the last two digits represent delivery area.

Address Format

Street address:

Tenzin Wangchuk -- name of addressee
Chang Lam, JD House -- street name, building name and/or number
Flat No. 2B -- flat or apartment number
Zone 4 -- zone/sub zone
Thimphu 11001 -- locality name + postcode

Non street address(rural delivery):

San Bhadur -- name of addressee
House No. DA-2-04 -- house number
Khopi, Biru -- village name, Gewog name
Samtse 22001 -- Dzongkha name + postcode

Post office Box delivery:

Tenzin Wangchuk -- name of addressee
P.O Box 1456 -- P.O Box No.
Thimphu GPO -- Post Office name (optional)
Thimphu 11001 -- locality name + postcode

Organization address:

Tenzin Wangchuk -- name of addressee
Planning & Policy Div. -- division or department name
Ministry of Finance -- Ministry or organization or institute name
Thimphu 11001 -- locality name + postcode

Military address:

Major Tashi Dorji -- name of addressee
Company II -- name of Company/Wing
Royal Bhutan Army -- name of Regiment (RBA/RBG/RBP)
Samtse-22001 -- locality name + postcode

Bhutan Postcode List

StateRegionPost OfficePostcode
BumthangBumthangBumthang PO32001
ChukhaTsimashamTsimasham PO21005
ChukhaGeduGedu PO21007
ChukhaPhuntsholing ThromPhuntsholing GPO21101
DaganaLhamoizingkhaLhamozingkha PO21104
DaganaDaganaDagana PO35001
DaganaDagapelaDagapela PO35003
GasaGasaGasa PO16001
HaaHaaHaa PO15001
LhuntseLhuntseLhuntse PO45001
MongarMongarMongar PO43001
MongarGyelposhingGyelposhing PO43002
ParoParoParo PO12001
ParoParoParo Airport PO12002
PemagatshelPemagatshelPemagatshel PO44001
PemagatshelNganglamNganglam PO44102
PunakhaPunakhaPunakha PO13001
SamdrupjongkharSamdrupjongkharSamdrupjongkhar GPO41001
SamdrupjongkharLangchenphuJomotsangkha PO41104
SamdrupjongkharSamdrup CholingSamdrup Choling PO41205
SamtseSamtseSamtse PO22001
SamtsePugliGomtu PO22002
SamtseTashicholingSipsoo PO22104
SarpangSarpangSarpang PO31002
SarpangGelephuGelephu GPO31101
ThimphuThimthromThimphu GPO11001
ThimphuThimthromDzong PO11002
TrashigangTrashigangTrashigang PO42001
TrashigangKanglungKanglung PO42002
TrashigangLumangWamrong PO42004
TrashigangRangjungRangjung PO42005
TrashiyangtseTrashiyangtseTrashiyangtse PO46001
TrashiyangtseDoksumDoksum PO46002
TrongsaTrongsaTrongsa PO33001
TrongsaTrongsaTrongsa PO33001
Wangdue PhodrangThetshoWangdue PO14001
ZhemgangZhemgangZhemgang PO34001
ZhemgangNganglaPanbang PO34103

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