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This is the Paraguay Post Code page. This page includes the following content: Code Method, Envelope Example and Address Format, the way of writing the postal code correctly, reference link for postcode inquiries.

Envelope Example


Coding Method

The postcode of Paraguay consists of 6 digits,eg:


The first two digits represent the postal zone,the middle two digits represent the city or district,the last two digits represent the sector.

Address Format

Mr Juan Pérez - 0981400525
Estrella Nº 340, casi Yegros
Edif. España, Bloque A
Piso 3, Depto. 10

List of Departments of Paraguay

Paraguay consists of 17 departments. Asunción is the capital district but it is considered as a department. There is a list of the departments of Paraguay. (The two digits in front of each name of the department are the first two digits of all the postcodes of this department.)

  • 00 Asunción
  • 01 Concepción
  • 02 San Pedro
  • 03 Cordillera
  • 04 Guairá
  • 05 Caaguazú
  • 06 Caazapá
  • 07 Itapúa
  • 08 Misiones
  • 09 Paraguarí
  • 10 Alto Paraná
  • 11 Central
  • 12 ?eembucú
  • 13 Amambay
  • 14 Canindeyú
  • 15 Presidente Hayes
  • 16 Boquerón
  • 17 Alto Paraguay

Look Up a Postcode

You can select department, city, district in turn to find the postcode.

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