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Postal Code, ZIP Code of Senegal.


Coding method

Postal Codes in Senegal consist of 5

1 2 5 0 0

In general,the first digit represents the routeing area,the next two digits represent the delivery post office,the last two digits represent the delivery area.

Address format

Delivery to place of address or at post office counter:

Monsieur Amadou DIOP------addressee identification
Appartement 12------additional delivery point information
Résidence Fallou Ndiaye------additional geographical information
12 AVENUE CHEIKH ANTA DIOP------thoroughfare number and name
12500 DAKAR------postcode and delivery office

Delivery to P.O. box:

Société SUNUGAL------addressee identification
Résidence les Diambars------additional geographical information
10 RUE PAUL HOLLE------thoroughfare number and name
BP 225------delivery information (P.O. Box) and number
46024 SAINT-LOUIS------postcode and delivery office

Delivery to "postchances" (postal boxes installed in neighbourhoods):

Monsieur Ndiaga Fall------addressee identification
BP 199------delivery information (P.O. Box) and number
16556 DAKAR------postcode and head post office

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