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Postal Code, ZIP Code of Trinidad and Tobago.


Coding method

post code is not used in Trinidad and Tobago.The government approved the introduction of postal codes in Trinidad and Tobago starting in 2012, but as of February 2018, the system is not yet in operation.

Description of Postal Code Segments

POSTAL CODE: 120110 12 01 10

The first two digits (12) point to the Postal District and they identify the main TTPost delivery office which will process the mail. In this case, 12 would go to the Diego Martin delivery office. The second two digits (01) point to an area within the postal district called the Delivery Loop. They tell the delivery office which postal route will deliver the mail item. In this case, it is Route number 01 in the Diego Martin postal district.The last two digits (01) point to either a zone or building within the delivery loop. They identify the geographic location of a group of addresses or the address of large institutions.

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